Sneha Regi Thomas

Hello, Everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚

Welcome to The 21st Cut,

The 21st Cut is a personal Fashion Blog by Sneha Regi Thomas, This is a place where you find Nature, Fashion and Lifestyle facts, ideas and tips all at one place. Every individual vary in their perspective of their sight and thoughts. Here you find the view and ideas of Fashion Nature and Lifestyle in the perspectives of respect and dignity that should be given to each of them. Modesty and honesty are the two bright and simple things that one needs in this case.

This blog is just another step trying to make our world a better place

Come join me to bring about your similar thoughts into the light of the world. I will be glad to work with you. I am some one very fond of street style fashion and travel blogs, I love writing about the styles and places I explore.

For collaborations contact me: sneharegithomas@gmail.com