Ready Set RED

2018 is a year of red gifts for me. Starting off with a red Huda Beauty Liquid Lipstick to the RedBull Red edition energy drink that I got recently from my favorite athlete. The color red is an allrounder. It goes along with all the seasons starting from Valentine’s day down to Christmas. The outfit that I am wearing in this post is the best example that I can give you. I could turn into a flower girl and also play around like a tomboy pairing it with a denim jacket. Red and Denim are the two evergreen words that one can hear very often. It is the favorite of all ages, which also made me slide into a retro look with a flower in my hair. I am very sure that a majority of pages from your old Slam book would find ‘Red’ as the favorite color.


I have already stated my love for Jumpsuits in my other posts, but this jumpsuit gave me a different experience. Pretty like a dress and comfy like a pajama and the color which I repeatedly keep mentioning is amazing and is adding that perfect touch to it, making this jumpsuit that ‘good to go for any occasion’ look.


People ask me how to select a dress for a particular occasion? how to have a closet which contains everything we need? Well, me being a student who depends on parents would rather purchase something like this outfit when I go shopping, as you can see in the pictures I have put in this post, I can wear this on a get together with friends, pairing it with a denim jacket and could also wear it  to a wedding reception or a prom with a pretty heels. It’s always good to have clothes that you can wear too often than buy a 100$ outfit and store it in your wardrobe for a year or so and wait for its moment to recur.



Buying an outfit just because it looks good on the mannequin won’t result in a perfect purchase all the time. Knowing your body and your comfort is the best way to choose the right clothes. The right shape and cut of the cloth add the perfect fit and a natural flow to what you wear 🙂

Red Jumpsuit: Candid Knots

Printed Sandals: Max Fashion

Photographed by Jithin Raju

Hope you enjoyed this post,

Till next time,

Sneha Regi Thomas 🙂



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