Goa in a Glimpse


We all live here in this world with a common dream of living a good life with peace of mind. We keep studying, working and strive ourselves to make money so that we can live a better tomorrow. But we forget the very moment called the “present”.
Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift. That is why it is called present. I know that this very statement is all known to us. well, the point I am trying to make is that we need to give us time to live our Lives to the fullest, starting from now.

Taking a break from all that hectic schedules would make a lot of difference.
A walk along the beach was something just perfect when I thought about it. After the busy day at our workplaces, the stress and strain that we went through would just vanish when we look at that roaring waves that come by. Well, that obviously lead me to Goa. But the Goa I experienced was not just beach and party. There was so much more! So let us go to it.

Vitamin Sea!

The roar of those gushing waves is strong enough to heal all those stress inside.

The day one of my trip to Goa was completely sightseeing one beach after another.  I was quite amused that the waves and the vibe at each of them are so unique and each of it calls for an entirely different psychological experience.


The mesmerizing look that the sea gives is something that one cannot scientifically explain. The sound of the gushing waves are not harsh enough to be called as noise nor it is the sweetest music but how fascinatingly it blends in together that all of us would want to listen or hear more of it.

Nurturing Nature


The color green isn’t my favorite, but when I see the nature being so green I end up falling for it. The WOW expression will be so clear on my face that anyone can simply tell how I feel. The breath I take each time fills me up with some kind of determination as though I am going to win over the entire world and stand on top of it. The trees so huge that it looks like the arms we look forward to encouraging us. You know, like when someone says, “You just do your best and leave the rest to God”.

Goa Road


There are days when we feel like hiding ourselves and our goals from the sky and sit gloomily on the dark side. But hiding under these woods feels like they give the motivation to give wings to my dreams and sparkle it into the sky so that all can see it.

Spiritually in peace

Churches in Goa are one of a kind. Their architecture is spectacular. I am sure that whoever has built these amazing structures were truly blessed with an immense sense of art. From the pillars to the sculptures, everything is so artistic. I am glad that I could visit these churches. The feel throughout that environment is so beatific. There are hundreds of people visiting them and I am sure that almost all of them would have felt that special kind of spiritual atmosphere. I am not being religious here. But its something that I personally felt after observing that calmness on each of our faces irrespective of our regional or religious background.



The mystery of the St Augustine church is quite interesting, One can find it in The Archaeological Museum, Old Goa. Let me leave that as a mystery itself for you guys to go find out 🙂

To be frank I am so energized after this trip. I found myself in a state of letting all the worries just take a train to the trash and letting the good vibes get into myself. I am sure that the Life ahead is not going be all easy and nice, of course, there will be challenges that I might have never imagined. But I know that I am now prepared to do face anything without letting myself being pushed down.

After all its a good thing to take a break and energizing ourselves to live a better tomorrow, isn’t it? 😉

Thank You

Sneha Regi Thomas



2 thoughts on “Goa in a Glimpse

  1. You showed glimpses of Goa, which would not be part of the itenary of many,liked the style of writing, easy to read and gives an insightful review.


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