An Adventurous Moment of Realisation

Greetings to all my lovely readers, I am pretty excited to write this blog, as it’s Nature this time.  I had been longing to go do some adventure and this time my crazy friends pulled me along for a ride to a place near my college. I denied initially, well I do that all the time (haha) But this time it was because It was a ‘Quarry’!. Yea, I know that all the young minds out there would be like So What? , but to me, it was not so, as my parents always make me check the risk factor. I  was not mentally ready for it until I went there and saw the place. First of all, It was so beautiful, and second of all it was not that dangerous as I thought, but it would have been a ‘No’ from my mom.( So I hope you might have guessed it now, for why I say NO to many things that you guys invite me for). Well, I am happy that my parents are strict enough to bring me up with good ethics and to be practical. Thank you, Mom and Dad. 🙂

canon ttc 14

canon ttc 5

Coming back to the adventure day,  As seen in the picture the sight was amazing. My heart pounds whenever I see rocks, trees, waters,… or to be precise Nature makes me jump.  Before it’s too late let me introduce you to my adventure companions Varnata and Aman. These both linger around all the time, mostly to tease me but deep inside their affection and friendship is indescribable.

canon ttc 8

As soon as we arrived,  I wanted to just go climb up high and Aman wanted to take his bike for a hike. Very obviously though only us climbing was possible and we started off. It was a little scary as we started, but gradually I could say that I am not afraid at all. We climbed up high stood there and enjoyed the view for some time and here comes the time to descend down which in my case was to crawl down. It was like our hearts are still up there, and the time is pulling us down. I kept telling myself that it is getting dark we need to leave while I also wanted to stay there and just embracing the wild beauty

The entire place, on the whole, was very beautiful even though it was not naturally made this way. These rocks were shattered and destroyed to serve an entirely different purpose, but today, when I see them the only thought in my mind, is that they look so amazing. This made me change my point of view for my life, Everything is given to us, all we need and all things that we just simply wish for. There many people struggling to get things right, but we live so carelessly thinking just about ourselves. If we spare some time to do something which can make this world or even your small surrounding a better place would make us more content. This may include in sacrificing something we love but just think about these rocks, there shattered apart to make our lives better. So why can’t we sacrifice few tiny things in order to make everything around us look happier than just one me or you being happy? I  made up my mind to strictly dedicate some time and effort to people who are less privileged.  I am not sure of how much I am able to keep up with my decision but I am surely trying. The reason for me to share this with you is to invite you all to make that small change in our daily life that can make a huge difference towards positivity and bring out much more pleasantness to this world. I know it sounds like ‘easy to say not to do’ thing, But I promise you that it just takes that one step to muster up some courage, and everything else will fall into the right place on its own 🙂

Thank You

Sneha Regi Thomas




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