Welcoming the Spring

Studying for an exam is something that I like but when the exam takes more than a month to complete is what I hate the most. Being a VTU student I always suffer this. Right after my exams I only have one thing to think about, My Blog! I find immense joy in writing blogs. I feel like finally, I am doing something called ‘My kinda thing’.
Blogging is my favorite hobby. And here I am with a new post. This post is another fashion post. During this summer I got an opportunity to try out all the spring summer collection from Ni Hao Fashion, And that’s the best thing that has ever happened to me being in my college. I thank Sheyini Kayina, my senior for making it happen. Being a part of co ordinating team for college fashion show is something that I ‘ve always enjoyed. It all started when I was doing my Pre Uni.



Now coming back to the topic, Ni Hao Fashion has gained a lot of appreciation over just a few years for its service in providing affordable, trendy outfits. It is also my birthday shopping destination. The clothes and shoes are very funky but of good quality at the same time.

My favorite out of all is the Frayed Hem Denim Dress. Being a denim girl since childhood comfort afforded maximum to me is in a denim wear.





I had a playful photo session with Sheiyini and her white denim shorts and a flower print top only added that spring splashes onto us. I am wearing the green Jacquard dress trying to make some sophisticated impression, but the playful mood within us said spring and summer are only meant for fun. Being said that, the Jacquard dress is simply a must for summer parties.





I have already shown my love to flower printed jumpsuits in my post ‘Dive into Dorothy ‘ but here is the Miranda co-ords bringing out another proof to my summer style. This set is definitely an all-rounder fit for every occasion



And finally our another playful session for these elegant tops. We were completely proving our theory of being the college canteen models. The Ruffled Sleeve Blouse and The Jazz Detailed sleeve outer wear definitely brought out the contrast of elegance of peach friskiness of bright yellow.





On the whole, both of us slipped into the multifarious genre of Spring-Summer.

Featuring: Ni Hao Fashion

A big Thank you to Mr.Akshay Harsoor and Mr. Madhu Chandra

Picture credits: Jithu Raju

See you all soon ๐Ÿ™‚

Sneha Regi Thomas


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