A peep through Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Sharjah


As promised earlier, here is my AAS story(Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah). I am quite sure that most of you are already updated about my complete UAE trip through Instagram. Well here is the detailed story that most of you of asked for. My 2-week trip was full of traveling. And I never wanted any rest from it either. The travel bug had bitten me and all I wanted at that time was to roam around (no matter where) but not stay home. This called in for a trip to the Jebel Hafeet Mountain. We set to start at 6:30 in the morning along the empty roads. All I could see now was Sand. The Car was all quite as everyone was sleepy. I don’t have any issue with this kind of an atmosphere, As this is the part where I start imagining myself being in situations which are impossible. But the rest of them in the car were not pretty comfortable with this. And as I was a newbie in the team everybody turned towards me and asked: “How is Dubai?”. And I gave them a one-word answer saying ‘ Good’. I am sure they were all disappointed as the ‘quite’ phase returned in no time (haha). We traveled for about 3 hours with our ‘super guide with the sweet voice’ The GPS.  As soon as we reached the Mountain I thought we were going to get down and walk up to the top thinking it was a hill. Luckily I only thought and did not say it loud. The Mountain is about 17km long!!. I was sitting in the car excited but wondering ‘why are we not climbing up the hill?’ I would have said this to myself for at least 50 times until I realized that we are still driving and the top is somewhere high above.

Jabel Hafeet

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Finally, we reached the top. I jumped out of the car as though I was trapped in it. The view from there was so refreshing and beautiful. As a nature lover, this was the most exciting place that I ever saw in my life I had an awesome experience climbing up a cliff too. What made it more special was that we climbed up a cliff that was not allowed for climbing. It was the highest one but there were no signs put up and we did not know that we climbed the wrong one.  We reached the top and the guard came. We could hardly recognize him from the top. He saw my mother clicking our pictures. My mother got all the shoutings and we were all up there enjoying the view. We waited for the guard to go and all of us just slid down the cliff as soon as possible.


img_4406_editedAfter all the hilariously awkward slide we were all hungry and were searching for an Indian Resturant we started off by 12 noon and were still searching at 2 pm,  There were so many round abouts that we repeated. Finally, We found one!. We were all so hungry. After that adventure lunch, we headed to Abu Dhabi.


Marina Mall
Inside The Grand Mosque


What I really liked about Abu Dhabi was the colorful Buildings. and of course, as per my 60-90 minutes Abu Dhabi trip, We had a five minute stop everywhere including the traffic signals. There were so many luxurious cars lined up at the signal. The very next thing was The Grand Mosque. The beautiful architecture just mesmerized me. The lightings to the handmade carpet everything there was just amazing. They have given the very right name The ‘Grand’ Mosque. It is just so grand and beautiful.

Sharjah, on the other hand, is where I spent most of my time. We stayed there toward the industrial area. The place was quite calm and less crowded as there were not many residents there. The Corniche and the beach were the most liked sights of mine. The art museum is something really admirable. The art of the little ones is so beautifully displayed.

Sharjah Art Gallery


I still wonder how these kids presented such thoughtful ideas, that too at their little age.

Sharjah Beach View


On the whole, this beautiful trip covering three emirates of UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah) was very exciting. I would definitely go back to these places to experience more of their beauty and explore more places. My favorite part was Al Ain. The beautiful mountains to the 3-hour drive in search of the hotel would never fade away from my memories.

Thank You

Sneha Regi Thomas 🙂




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