Dubai Diaries

It has been  very long since I ‘ve posted. I had no heart to take this long break but my exams made me do so. As soon as I  finished my exams I set off aboard to Dubai. I went on a road trip every single day. The weather now (January) is just perfect for visitors and I got to be lucky to get here at this time. For the first few days, I could not go too far. I love walking. I set start by 10 am in the morning for shopping and I choose to go to the farthest mall. It will be at least 12 when I return home. And the evenings are meant for the family walk. The family walk is my favorite concept It is very refreshing to talk and walk when you are with your friends/family. On the way back is my photography time even though I don’t have a good camera I just keep gluing onto my iPhone and start clicking.

The view of Dubai at night is amazing. The lights from the queue of apartments to the roads filled with cars and trucks makes the city look very live and beautiful. The traffic lights also add some colors to the beauty.




The Sahara center was one of my favorite place to shop, eat and play!   The Mall was filled with lots of best brands with exclusive offers.I also had a great meal there. The next trip was something not expecting. I got passes for machine tools exhibition in Sharjah, where lots of machine tools were being exhibited. The setup, on the whole, was spectacular but the only glitch is that I hardly understood what they were saying. Finally, after a great coffee, I got some refreshment. I took another round.



It was on the third day of my trip, I called it a day test and was home all day long chilling at home watching the K-dramas, And it is a known fact that ‘Once we start watching a drama we cannot give ourselves a pause from it’. It was 5 in the evening that I got a chance to give some rest to my eyes when I got a call from my Dad to get ready to go out. We were off to Burj Khalifa.When I stepped out of the car wishing to see the great building, it was a metro station.  I started to loose all the excitement thinking we were just going for a ride on a metro. With very little excitement I kept walking, stood in the longest queue, got a metro card, got into the packed up metro. I could not see anything other than a group of people getting in and out of the metro. After few stops, we got down and started to walk. For at least 15 minutes we walked and there it was!!! I could see it from far.We went to the Dubai Mall first as the really cool offers were pulling me into it. The Perfumes, Shoes, Sunglasses, Clothes and everything I could see had pocket-friendly prices with the offers on almost everything I see. Finally, it was time for the Khalifa Show !!. We managed to get the closest view as soon as the lights started to flow down displaying “EMAR”.



The name of the building itself is very fascinating. When the lights glowed the building rocked it! to all the viewers. The fountain show, on the other hand, is something worth watching for a million times!!. I felt like watching it all night!. The way the water dances in the air, Oh my God! I cannot find a word to express my immense joy while watching it.


The next day was called in for the long ride to Al Ain and Abu Dhabi which I will write to you guys in detail in my next blog. I had to split this into as I thought it will be too long. On the way back, almost midnight my Dad said let’s go to Ibn Batuta. We were all really tired already and my mom almost slept.  Even though the maximum votes were not to go Dad still took us to Ibn Batuta. Trust me! It was worth it. The place has a beautiful architecture which awakened all of us. There were many people around us. I felt like almost half of Dubai was there at that moment. Someone told me that Dubai comes alive at night and this placed proved it to me.

Ibn Battuta Mall is the world’s largest themed mall Ibn Battuta, with shopping and entertainment areas reflecting the architecture and cultures of Andalusia, India, China, Egypt, Persia, and Tunisia. There are 50 restaurants, a 21-screen cinema, a food court and 275 shops arranged in four zones. The mall is easily accessible on the Red Line Metro.screenshot-4_edited

The next day (more like the same day) we went to see the global village.Global Village Dubailand, Dubai, is claimed to be the world’s largest tourism and entertainment center. It is the region’s first cultural, entertainment, family and shopping destination. Every year, it has over 5 million visitors. As an Indian, I rushed to see India’s ethnic presentation. There were a lot of jewelry and pashmina shawl stores. There were also many street vendors selling chats.

My eyes were then locked into Korean and Japanese stores. I was very curious to know if there will be any Asian dishes. I could only find some sushi stalls and a row full of Arabic delicacies. What really mesmerized me about the place was that everything was made very would feel like he/she is really on a world tour.




The most interesting thing for me in Dubai is the 1-10 Gift Markets. Not all products are of good quality, especially clothes. But there are many other decorative items which lasts long and is extremely affordable. Many of my friends asked me if I would like to stay in Dubai as a resident, well my answer is No. Dubai is a beautiful place. But I like staying in India (as of now 😀 ). But I definetly want to revisit Dubai for my Holidays

Thank you 🙂

Sneha Regi Thomas


P.S : My U.A.E diaries does not end here. Stay tuned to know about my Abu Dhabi and Alain Experience 🙂




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