Dive into Dorothy

Jumpsuits made their bang entry in the early twenties and they are still in the market creating a shining spot at the trends list. To me Jumpsuits are  playful and yet fit for a formal date. To my mother its just a comfy wear nothing else she could add on to it. I love varying my styles from time to time depending on the season(weather) as fashion is not just about trend to follow its something that makes you fit into the right situation. You know, you can’t wear a wedding suit to your college just because all are buying heavy ethnic dresses. You have purpose and occasion for what you wear.

This Jumpsuit from Dorothy Perkins is something that I wanted to try for a long long time. And Flont made it possible for me, they also surprised me with a beautiful pair of earrings.Also a the photo shoot which on the whole was  a really fab experience. 

Now getting into the topic, Jumpsuits are my next love after dungarees. And this Jumpsuit from Dorothy Perkins was really comfy to slide in, hence the title dive into Dorothy.The colorful prints is something that attracted me. Its blue, green and ‘Nature’  to my eyes.


I was in a confusion to select my foot wear. As my heels and the golden platform sandals both were adding a great match for the look. I choose this sandals to make it more a tom boy style.  

The flower print again suits the spring summer and the fall just because of the colour. Making it an all rounder look for all seasons in one piece. The belt added a crisp effect even though it is of the same colour. One would think it would just camouflage with the suit but in reality it stands out effectively without any over or less show. 

Jumpsuit : Dorothy Perkins

Sandals : Fantasia

For  more fashion ideas an reviews stay tuned 🙂

Thank you

Sneha 🙂


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