The Rush Hour Rescue

All girls love make up. Its like an art that we love to experiment and expertise. Be it a simple eyeliner stroke or contouring we take time and effort to make it  the best. This art everyday everytime is something that we love, The bulky bottles and brushes are sometimes a glitch that we don’t like neither do our handbags. Thanks to the Maybelline summer essential kit which brought out an effortless way to overcome the issue. It comprises of a compact whitner, Benefit cream, Babylips electro pop and a nail enamel in one pouch that fits good in your hand bag. The essentials are just perfect for my busy days which is why I loved the kit very much. The compact  and the benefit cream is so light and comfortable that you feel fresh throughout the day and nothing to feel so ‘make up’ about.

Firstly, I would like to talk about the benefit cream. It just blends over smoothly and the best for the rush hour, Just take a  little amount of product on the back of your palm after you apply a primer (or any alternative) and use a brush to blend  it over your face, You are done with a uniform tone.  What impressed me is the size of the product and the casing, it fits very conveniently in your bag.  The shade is 03

The whitening compact is another important product that I should mention, It comes with a blender. The shade of the whitener is  called Pearl. Its a bit brighter to my tone, but I experimented it as a shadow blender to highlighten my eyes and forehead and it really worked well. The compact and the benifit cream plays a good role in my daily makeup. As I love to experiment a lot with these products I found out different hacks and tricks to use them efficiently and fast.

The other two products are already so widely known that I don’t have to give a special description about them, The electropop babylips and the nail paint. Both are widely used and a must haves in our bags. I love bright colors and The Nyka team sent me the right bright pink shades.


This lovely collection arrived at my doorstep from Nykaa and I am really thankful as they made my every day rush free.

Thank You

Sneha 🙂


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