The Insight of a Journey

Every Journey is a new experience all we ‘ve got to do is live the maximum of it.”


It’s been a while since I posted, I had been busy with my exams. I apologize for keeping you all waiting. It really touched me when I started receiving messages asking for the next blog. Thank you all.

This time right after my exams I had to go to my native. I usually am little fuzzy when it comes to a journey to my native. But this time, the experience was truly special and different. The entire journey was smooth and relaxed and so, I got to see mesmerizing sights that I usually used to ignore. 

My native land is Kerala, commonly known as God’s own country. The state is filled with beautiful nature, The hills, trees and the waters bring joyous moments as we view them. That is exactly when I wanted to mark this memory.

It was a 16-hour journey on the train. When traveling on the train, it is so much fun, Right from the different foods, we get to eat to the wonderful sceneries that we get to watch through the window. All Malayalis would mimic the coffee seller when he calls out “capi ~ capi”, But it is an obvious thing that almost all of us would just get lost in the coffee. It is like nature’s rule that everybody in the train would at least gulp in 2 to 3 cups of coffee/tea before we get down the train. And the best snack to speak of is ‘Vada’ and ‘Pazhampori’


After that joyful ride on the train, we reached Kollam and also got a small glimpse at the beach, The weather did not allow us to enjoy the beach for a long time as it was raining. But when the rain slowed down, we got down the shelter. But we’re still restricted to go close as the tides were high. The sand at Kollam beach is rich in Titanium. The commonly known black sand is found here. Even in the rain, the beach was just Wild and Beautiful.

From Kollam, we went to Vadaserikara a small town on the way to Sabarimala. And that place is something simply beautiful. From the bus stop, my house is about 1km. And I could happily walk to my home. There is no room for tiredness because you get to see the mesmerizing beauty of your lifetime when you pass by. 

I was there for a day, and I wished a hundred times that I could stay there for longer, Alas! I couldn’t.

But I am happy that I could enjoy a few sweet -tasty Rambutans and the fresh air. The greenery of that place is the reason why I am eagerly waiting for the next vacation.

The journey back to Bangalore was so fast that I could only miss my days in Kerala. I am very sure that the memories of native will definitely keep us moving during the busy and tiring work hours. I can only imagine how wonderful the concept of ‘memories’ God has made! That one second of your memory can take you back to your extreme happiness and vice versa. So make sure that you try your best to do everything positive and happy, A memory with yourself doing something negative is a guilt for the lifetime and it isn’t good. Trying to keep our surroundings happy would definitely help us keep the positive energy on. Just like a smile on child’s face makes you smile too

🙂 Till next time Let’s Keep it Positive! 🙂


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